Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review of Minnie Piper Undercover Puzzler

This review was written by Steph Martin age 11...

under cover puzzler, starring minnie piper is the first of 3 faberoony books written by caroline,i fell in love with it and i don't think there will be anyone who doesn't totally adore this book! minnie piper is an under cover puzzler and loves solving mysteries and when her funky teacher mr impey gives the class a strange code to crack for their homework, minnie gets straight onto it!-the fist person or pair to crack it first win a super cool prize!Minnie and her best friend frankie try to solve the puzzle together and are desperate to beat their arch rival the brainiac jenny, but the only problem is, minnies' cling-on cousin dotty is bugging her again. dotts a really funny character and probably my favourite because she does the weidest things and asks the weirdest questions! dots mum, auntie val, has gone to live in france leaving passionate dancer dot, miserable! minnie gets suspicious of frankie making a new friend and wonders whats going on-only to find that dot has a very special surprise (even i didn't have a clue what it could be!) i love all the super cool doodles in the book  and the funkylicious words  caroline uses! i reccomend this book to any one who loves a mystery and anyone who loves being crazy! under cover puzzler really gets you thinking and you want to try and crack the code too!

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